Paper Playground Terrain Pak 1 – The Fields of War

Originally Published July 06, 2003

TerrainPak1CoverOver the years, I’ve lost track of old files. They either got deleted or are on media that was misplaced.  I was hoping that I could show a close-up of the product, but I don’t have the larger pictures that I took of these products. I hope to find them.

I also hope to find the original Photoshop and Illustrator files that I used to create these products. If I do, I will make the original files available or export the files into higher resolution PDF’s.

This was the second of the Paper Playground products. When I first started releasing products, I wanted to make sure that I had a steady release for a while, so several of the first products were developed almost simultaneously.  For me, the geomorphic hills were the highlight of the product, it gave me the flexibility that I wanted as a gamer. From the product description:

Give your miniatures a field to wage war on with Terrain Pak 1 – The Fields of War!

The newest product of the Paper Playground paper miniatures line is our first Terrain Pak, Terrain Pak 1 – The Fields of War. Your miniatures can now have beautiful, customizable terrain for their battles.

Fields of War includes a set of geomorphic hill sections which are easy to assemble and can lock together to form thousands of hill shapes. The hills are beautifully textured and are marked with 1 inch squares for use in most role-playing games. Several sheets of additional textures are provided so you can create your own fields, rivers, and roads. To go with the hills, there are bridges, hedges, shrubs, fences, walls, and small trees to enhance your miniature battles.

Download Paper Playground – Terrain Pak 1

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