Paper Playground - Tree Pak 1

Paper Playground – Tree Pak 1

Paper Playground - Tree Pak 1As promised, here is the first of Penguin Labs LLC’s old products. This was the first product that I ever made for sale. Before founding Penguin Labs LLC, I shared my creations publicly on my own website . . . sounds familiar. Back then, there were very few paper model companies and not much attention was going to outdoor scenics, so that is where I made my start.

One of the reasons I got into paper modeling was that I could do it within my apartment and the tree design reflects my need for space. I can fold them up flat and store an entire forest in a shoe box. Eventually, I would explore portability more with the Portable Adventure Kit line of products.

From the product description:

Supplement your beautiful miniatures with beautiful trees with Penguin Labs first release, Paper Playground – Tree Pak 1. The Tree Pak contains a variety of common trees for you to use in most settings.

Trees stand about 4 inches tall (actual height varies from tree to tree), making them appropriate for most role-playing games. The trees are designed to be assembled quickly, allowing you to build entire forests quickly and easily. Once you are done with your forest, the trees fold flat for easy transport and storage.

Download Paper Playground – Tree Pak 1

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