Paper Playground – Chromatic Dragons

Originally Published September 29, 2003

Paper Playground - Chromatic DragonsThis is one of the products that I am the most proud of. These were fun to design, customers responded well to them, and there just wasn’t much like them on the market. There aren’t many monsters that can be created as paper minis at the scale that most gamers use. The dragons are meant to be assembled two configurations: on all four legs or rearing up on the back legs, which made it work better for their D&D stats.

One of the challenges of selling paper models online is balancing file size, printer usage, and detail. I preferred to keep the file size small. However, I believe that I have the original files and could re-release a high-resolution version if there is sufficient interest.

From the product description:

Unleash mighty dragons upon your unsuspecting players! Paper Playground – Chromatic Dragons gives you an affordable way to dragons to your dungeons. Penguin Labs brings you cardstock dragons for you to print out, assemble, and use in your next game.

Paper Playground – Chromatic Dragons consists of kits for six colors of dragons (five found in the OGL and one created specifically for this set). Each dragon can be assembled to be on all four legs or reared up on its hind legs. Additional leg and tail positions give you additional flexibility in creating dragons to your taste. Best of all, you can make as many as you want – if you have ever wanted an army of dragons, don’t miss this chance!


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