Paper Playground – Juvenile Chromatic Dragons

Originally Published January 20, 2005

Paper Playground - Juvenile Chromatic DragonsThis was the last product from Penguin Labs LLC. It was an interesting challenge to design a dragon that could be made this small. I really don’t remember too much about this product.

So, what happened? Why did I stop? Well, I guess it was a few factors. The first was the birth of my son. Then, I picked up some freelance work which became a full time job. With the demands of work and family, Penguin Labs kept getting pushed to the background. While I worked on other projects, I never polished them enough to justify selling them. Part of my goals for this new website is to brush off some of those old projects and share some new ones as well. So, I hope you enjoy the products, and thanks for letting me take this trip down memory lane. Let’s see what the future brings.

From the product description:

Paper Playground – Juvenile Chromatic Dragons gives you a set of small cardstock dragons for you to print out, assemble, and use in your next game. This set provides smaller counterparts to the adult dragons provided in Paper Playground – Chromatic Dragons or they can be used by themselves to challenge your heroes.

Paper Playground – Juvenile Chromatic Dragons consists of kits for six colors of dragons, each with their own breath weapon plus a variant of the green dragon that breathes fire. Pages are scaled for printing onto both A4 and Letter sized pages without difficulty.

The basic model size, without scaling:

  • Length, total, including breath weapon: approx. 5 inches

  • Length, nose to tail: approx. 3 1/2 inches

  • Length, body: 1 1/2 inches

  • Height, to shoulder blades: 1 inch

  • Width, body: 3/4 inch

  • Width, wingspan: 2 3/4 inches


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