Paper Playground – Tyrannosaurus Rex

Originally Published July 30, 2004

Paper Playground - Tyrannosaurus RexWhile I was working on the Portable Adventure Kit materials, I was stretching my abilities as a paper modeller. When I built my models, I didn’t use unfolding programs like Pepakura. Nowadays, I wouldn’t shy away from it. Back then, I felt that it made it too easy to create a model that would be too hard to build. Designing it by hand forced me to keep it simple. So, the entire design was done with sketches, measurements, and lots of calculations. My son love dinosaurs, so more dinos may be in the future.

From the product description:

The Tyrant Lizard is now yours! Paper Playground – Tyrannosaurus gives you a magnificent Tyrannosaurus Rex to build and use in your game or to display. Two versions of the model are provided, one at 30mm scale (approximately 1/60) for most fantasy RPGs and a larger one at 45mm scale (approximately 1/40 scale) for larger scaled games or for display. All pages are optimized for printing onto either Letter or A4 sized paper.


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