Paper Playground – Metallic Dragons

Originally Published January 5, 2005

Papaer Playground - Metallic Dragons

I don’t have a lot to say about this particular set. It is basically a reskinning of the Chromatic Dragon Set, with some changes to the fins and horns.

From the product description:

The companion set to Paper Playground – Chromatic Dragons, Paper Playground – Metallic Dragons brings the mighty forces of good to your table by providing cardstock dragons for you to print out, assemble, and use in your next game.

Paper Playground – Metallic Dragons consists of kits for six species of metallic dragons (five found in the OGL and one created specifically for this set). Each dragon can be assembled to be on all four legs or reared up on its hind legs. Additional leg and tail positions give you additional flexibility in creating dragons to your taste. Best of all, you can make as many as you want – if you have ever wanted an army of dragons, don’t miss this chance!


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