Portable Adventure Kit – Grassy Hills

Originally Published June 28, 2004

Portable Adventure Kit - Grassy HillsThis is the last of the Portable Adventure Kit products to be released. While I liked The Fields of War set, the terrain pieces were difficult to transport. So I needed something that I could fold up that would support pewter minis. The result worked better than I expected; I could set a full can of soda on top of one of these pieces. Your results may vary depending on the weight and type of paper you use.

From the product description:

Take your terrain with you with Portable Adventure Kit – Grassy Hills! This set of cardstock structures is designed to store flat to be carried with the rest of your gaming materials. When unfolded, the pieces become terrain tiers for your miniatures.

The product contains geomorphic, edges, corners, and basic filler pieces (9 pieces total) that you can configure to create a wide assortment of hills. Pieces are marked with 1-inch squares, making them compatible with most games. When in use, the platforms are stable and capable of supporting metal miniatures so you can use them with the rest of your gaming materials. Pages are designed to be printed on Letter sized paper or A4 paper without scaling.


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