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Portable Adventure Kit – Starter Set

Originally Published December 2, 2003

Portable Adventure Kit - Starter KitWhen I was creating products for Penguin Labs, I was living in an apartment. I was also doing most of my gaming at a friend’s house. I really needed something that I could fold up for storage and easy transport. I also wanted it to be quick to set up, so I developed the Portable Adventure Kit to be unfoldable. This kit represents the first of the line, some basic floors, walls, and stairs for basic dungeon creation.

From the product page:

Pack up your dungeon and take it wherever you game! Specifically designed for portability and ease of storage, the Portable Adventure Kit is the newest product line from Penguin Labs. Portable Adventure Kits can be stored flat to be carried with the rest of your gaming material. When you need it, just unfold the tiles to reveal beautiful, three dimensional scenics for your game.

The first product, the Starter Set, consists of floor tiles, walls, and stairs to get you started and to introduce you to the possibilities of portable adventuring. Later sets will let you expand and customize the starter set.

The Portable Adventure Kit forms a middle-ground between tiles and three-dimensional scenics. Like tiles, the kit can be easily stored and taken to your game but you also get the beauty of three dimensional structures. The kit is designed to be easily assembled, you do not need to be an experienced paper modeler to gain the benefits of the portable dungeon kit. With the included support system, the kit can be built to support pewter miniatures and still fold flat when done.

Tiles are marked with one inch squares, appropriate for many fantasy games. Each page is designed so it can be printed on Letter sized paper or A4 paper without scaling.


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