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Costume Design “Croquis” – Figure Reference

FigureReference-ForWebsiteA “croquis” is basically a quick sketch of a live model. In fashion design, it usually refers to a simple drawing of a figure.¬†Fashion designers draw their clothing designs on top of these models. When brainstorming, I find it easier if I don’t have to try to draw out a figure each time. A lot of the available croqui are highly stylized which I don’t like. So, I created my own figure reference.

I used Daz3D to create the figures and then I edited the images so that they are easy to draw over. I find the resulting shaded figure more useful to me because it helps me visualize the three-dimensional form and use body landmarks more easily. Each page is a front and back – yes, the figures are nude, but have the anatomical correctness of a department store mannequin. These are presented two to a page, because that’s how I like to work, but if people want a larger version, let me know and I can make it available.

Download Male Figure Reference

Download Female Figure Reference